We bring the wonder and mystery of the cosmos down to earth. We believe that architecture's role in society should be to give glimpses of the massive, hidden, dark, and abundant things all around us in the universe, in order to unsettle our habitual ways of being on earth.

Our projects are conceived as ecologies of lively, discrete objects that engage one another democratically and without hierarchy. Our objects are not reductive, like sticks, bricks, or nails, but rather fully-formed and specific things like jacks, crystals, ziggurats, mountains, cities, and forests. In our work, objects can be moved, rotated, scaled, or copied, but they can never be deformed or fused together, losing their identity.

We operate as collectors and curators rather than sculptors or drafters. As a result, our projects appear uniquely chunky, playful, provisional, and even sometimes like models built at full scale. The ecologies of objects that form our buildings set the stage for a new discussion of sustainability based on abundance rather than lack, where the world is not running out of everything but rather full of vibrant things that simply need to be oriented, organized, and imagined in new ways.

In our practice, everything is invented and nothing is taken for granted. We are committed to using our expertise in design, computation, construction, and energy intelligence to build a radical and hopeful future.