Objects Models Worlds
(Red Edition)

The definitive TWA monograph.

In this exhilarating tour de force-- part theory manifesto, part design monograph -- Tom Wiscombe Architecture challenges the discipline to reimagine its place in contemporary culture. Advocating for active engagement with the mystery and wonder of the world rather than passive access to the status quo, Objects Models Worlds is a call to action. The office offers a humbler assessment of human beings in the broader ecology of things while simultaneously asserting a vastly diversified array of architectural concerns, techniques, and elements. A provocative and alluring body of work produced over the last ten years is presented as part of a constellation of objects, ideas, precedents, and references, and laid out with transparency and detail. Doubling down on the primacy of mass in an age obsessed with image, the book contributes highly original positions on the perennial architectural concerns of context and tectonics. The breathtaking designs, the depth of the firm's theoretical intentions, and the humor and clarity with which the concerns of our time are articulated make this book an essential reference for all who are interested in the future of the field. Contributions by: Neil Denari ,Todd Gannon, Marcelyn Gow ,Graham Harman, Joe Ledbetter ,Thom Mayne ,Timothy Morton ,Jesse Reiser, Peter Trummer.

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