Los Angeles California, 2016

Located in the Los Angeles Engineering Headquarters of Walter P Moore, this reception desk/bar is composed of two awkwardly-oriented jacks nested within a 20-foot long slab that operates as the functional surface of the desk. Both jacks strangely reflect approaching visitors in mirror-chrome surfaces: one jack is a positive form with warped surfaces, while the other is an involuted form creating an infinity chamber. The matte black of the slab, in combination with the visual impenetrability of the nested jacks, create a sense of opacity and inexhaustibility in the overall object.

Over-scaled zig-zag seams break the monolithic form into supercomponents, expressing no known material or method of construction. Ultimately, the primary point of access to the office—the reception desk—becomes a moment of mystery and intrigue.

Location: Los Angeles, California
Client: Walter P. Moore
Type: Furniture
Engineer: Walter P Moore
Fabricator: Machineous Consultants