Shenzhen - China
This design for the Museum of Contemporary Art and Planning Exhibition, located in the Futian District of Shenzhen, creates a virtual interiority within the space of the city. The design pulls the upper edge of an L-shaped mass outwards to create a giant roof over a public square.

The giant roof cantilevers out from the museum mass, differentiated on its underside by deep, branching surface pleats that operate structurally but also produce the effect of an ornamental architectural ceiling. Instead of a conventional vaulted entry lobby for this museum, this design invests energy and resources into simple, flexible galleries and the indoor/outdoor space provided by the giant roof. Semi-private space is traded in for public space that serves the City of Shenzhen in its maturation as a world-city.

Client: City of Shenzhen Planning Department
Type: Museum and Planning Exhibition
Size: 50,000 SM