Los Angeles - California
In this inhabitable pavilion for MoCA, faceted figures are pushed into a large crystal mass, creating volumetric effects on the interior. An opening in the crystal mass gives views of these interior volumes, hanging from above. In order to decouple exterior and interior worlds, the outer surface is left hard and faceted, and a second inner liner surface is softened. These two surfaces maintain a loose relationship, sometimes fusing together into one, and other times producing thick poché zones that cannot be directly seen or measured by the observer.

On the interior, cartoon-like tattoos emphasize the transformation from surface to volume, but also shift to follow their own independent figural logic. The tattoos break down the inner liner into a multi-material manifold, where glossy white surfaces switch to metallic gold foil channels and then to black rubberized patches. These synthetic material effects are overmolded onto a composite substrate, using manufacturing techniques borrowed from toy design.

Client: MOCA Geffen