Interview: Objects vs. Parts

Estonian Academy of the Arts, March, 2013

Yes, I am currently consciously avoiding some of the discourse on correlated systems and part-to-whole relations, which have both become dogma, especially in light of wide acceptance of certain digital techniques, in the last decade. It’s that moment, which of course happens every so often, that things which seem solid melt into air, as Marx said in his moment. It is actually funny how a theoretic framework- let’s say, for the sake of discussion, a Deleuzian framework- which is ostensibly about intensive forces, affiliations, and relations can become so entrenched and inflexible. Deleuzian thinking is by no means exhausted, to be clear, but the minute we start believing that any theory from outside architecture can fully describe the complex web of aesthetics, materiality, technology, and politics that constitutes architecture, we have a problem.

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