Los Angeles - California
These three prototypes are part of research concerned with unpacking the spatial and aesthetic potentials of composite materiality in terms of structural surfaces, air and fluid flow, and glow. Based on chunk logic rather than layer logic (trabeation), these prototypes are intended to manufactured and delivered as fully integrated three-dimensional assemblies embedded with all internal infrastructural systems. They are constructed from molded fiber composite and polycarbonate materials, assembled with friction-fit connections and structural adhesive. They feature embedded solar thermal and photovoltaic systems, radiant cooling systems, and greywater capture systems.

The solar thermal system of Thermo-Strut spreads out like tattoos across architectural surfaces, emphasized by relief and bold color treatment. Tracery Glass is a reconsideration of architectural stained glass in terms of contemporary materials and technologies. It mediates transparencies with figural patterns of solar thin-film and lacy heat-exchange networks. Maze Panel is characterized by a meandering pattern of photo-bioreactor pipes for energy generation as well as deep channels which collect greywater from rainfall.