Shenzhen, China / 2020


This project is a collection of slender masses with strong silhouettes that appear independent from one another yet form a visual and functional whole. The separation of the program into three separate masses allows daylight to reach the neighboring buildings and creates a sense of openness. The masses are connected with vitrine-like elevated public research and education bridges. Like clearings on a steep mountain, green balconies step up the sides of the main masses, creating new public grounds.

Rather than featuring a uniform pattern, the facades reflect the diversity of the archives’ contents. The facades are patchy and multi-material, based on stacks of oversized chevron figures that are so large that they have the effect of miniaturizing these very tall structures. The chevrons shift between zones of bright opaque metal panel, dark high-performance glazing, and gray three-dimensional panels of perforated metal in front of glazing. The patterning is loosely applied across the building masses rather than stopping at their edges, like a serene landscape painting.

Location: Shenzhen, China
Site Area: 10,000 Sm
New Floor Area: 100,000 SM
Program: Comprehensive Archive
Client: Bureau of Public Works of Bao’an District, Shenzhen