We work as master builders.

We build and lead large teams of engineers and consultants. Our office develops and coordinates advanced 3D federated models that incorporate the technical requirements and code concerns of each discipline from the beginning. During the design process, we leverage our deep knowledge of construction industry standards, erection sequencing, and fabrication to ensure timely delivery of the highest quality architecture. Furthermore, we assist our clients in determining the best delivery model for their project, taking into account the location, market, project complexity, speed, and budget. Architects all too often forget their historical role as leader of all of the building arts, from design through erection. We remember and are committed to playing this role. It starts at the very beginning, and bringing projects off the ground in terms of politics, entitlements, and development criteria, things that all need to be addressed before any project can proceed successfully.

We build models.

And by models, we mean the full range from very small concept models to very large design development models to highly complex and accurate 3D models. Models are a crucial part of our design process, allowing us to discover formal and textural possibilities and iterate on multiple design tracks simultaneously and collaboratively. We produce digital and 3D printed models from the first, moving from massing studies and chunks of program, structure and form, towards large construction models that allow us to quickly and precisely communicate to all stakeholders. Our office has also developed drawing techniques based on models, including 3D cutaway and axonometric drawings and detailed, easy-to-understand technical animations. These are used to understand and visualize architectural objects all the way down to their smallest, yet crucial, details. During the construction process, we interface with builders, fabricators, and construction detailing companies to coordinate federated, cross-platform 3D models. This 'model-centered' practice allows us to achieve the highest level of precision and clarity during both the design process and realization.

We design real time.

Live design sessions form the core of our internal creative process, in which the full range of formal possibilities each project offers can be thoroughly and efficiently explored. This means our clients and other stakeholders can be invited in to participate in this open process at key moments, creating opportunities for consensus to develop and decision to be made quickly and in the most informed manner. 3D printing and real-time rendering make sure owner needs, design criteria, and aesthetic intent are maintained throughout the messy process of realization. Working around the big table in our office helps us create maximum interactivity between people and mediums. Objects are scaled, rotated, multiplied, re-textured, and re-assembled in 3D space in a playful and quick way. We eschew finesse, with its focus on little moves, in favor of giant scale leaps and the weird toy-like effects that ensue.