The Dark Chalet Wins 2020 AIA Next LA Honor Award

Los Angeles California, October 30, 2020

Los Angeles California / October 30 / 2020

Last night The Dark Chalet was awarded the 2020 AIA Next LA Honor Award. This is the highest award level in this category.

"This project is unanimously recognized for its aggressive rigor, control over gravity, and materiality, adding grace to complexity. We should all sleep better at night knowing that beneath the nerve-wracking gymnastics, there is an underlying performance rationale. Undeniably, it is a dastardly, indivisible fusion of tectonics and stereotomy. Grotesque yet inexplicably attractive, it is a strange, mesmerizing new realm where familiar associations weirdly unfold and unravel."

Special thanks to our client Tom Buttgenbach, our PM Dylan Weiser, and the whole design team. The project is set for completion in March 2021.