Sunset Spectacular Components in Fabrication at Northern Manufacturing

Oak Harbor Ohio, April 22, 2020

Fabrication for the Sunset Spectacular continues at Northern Manufacturing's plant in Oak Harbor, Ohio. 10 out of 14 tesseract components are now completed and are on the queue for final glass bead blasting. Sub-assemblies for the rest of the Tesseract components are also complete and will soon be assembled into their final form.

16 North petal components have also recently been started, these will be assembled as one piece laying down flat in the fabrication floor. The same strategy will be used for 21 West components and 18 East components occupying three full fabrication bays. When ready to leave the plant, the pedals will be disassembled in super-components to be shipped in oversize loads from Oak Harbor to West Hollywood, where the final piece will be erected in only a few mega-components.

The scene on the plant floor is reminiscent of Lockheed Martin's Skunkworks during the production of the SR 71 Blackbird.