Skyline Park

Denver - Colorado
Geological Monoliths. Creating an engaging pedestrian experience by walking underneath and around super sized objects that seem simultaneously like giant toys and alien artifacts. The family of objects, small, medium, large plays against the monolithic quality of the existing belltower. These objects are lit internally using a kaleidescope of colors to further increase the sense of mystery and allure.

Mountain Canopy. A floating roof with a mountain-like silhouette above what is known as a gathering space in the city -- beer garden, ice skating, gathering. The roof both creates shade in summer and its underbelly is lined with animated digital images of the rocky mountains and other iconic Colorado natural wonders.

Instagram Stage. The stage lands in the park creating a space to see and be seen, take selfies and make Instagram posts. Giant robotic lanterns map interactive images onto the stage including giant Colorado flora and fauna, like the columbine flower.

Ground Stars. The night sky of Colorado is projected onto the ground to connect the three zones of skyline park into a single illuminated experience. These lights are color changing and adapt to people walking by, time of day, and the season. The stars and benches can be rolled out into the city beyond the boundary of Skyline Park.

Location: Denver, Colorado
Site Area: 225,000 SF
Program: Interactive Installation and Civic Park
Client: Denver Parks Department