Mexico City, March 9, 2016

Tom Wiscombe to speak at SCI-Arc Mexico symposium.

With international exchange studios- exhibitions- conferences and symposia- SCI—Arc Mexico will further the mission of advancing SCI-Arc’s global presence.

''As part of the global outreach effort that SCI—Arc has embarked on- we are thrilled to have a home in such a dynamic city. The extent to which Latino culture influences SCI—Arc and the Los Angeles community at large, a presence in Mexico City is the natural next step,'' Diaz Alonso said. ''And of course because of my own background Mexico is close to my heart. We’re excited to embed the school within the dynamic tradition of Mexican culture and look forward to the anchor that this program will provide.''

SCI—Arc Mexico kicks off mid-March with a series of events in conjunction with Ibero-American University. Students from SCI—Arc and Ibero will collaborate on a workshop culminating in reviews and a panel discussion led by Hernan Diaz Alonso and Thom Mayne. An opening reception and SCI—Arc Alumni event celebrating the new program round out the launch.