Ramiro Diaz-Granados

Associate, Project Manager, Environment and Landscape

Ramiro Diaz-Granados is Project Manager and Designer at TWA. With two and a half decades of experience ranging from residential to large-scale urban projects, Ramiro brings a broad understanding of the field to each project.

He began his career in design-build, where he led and managed high-end single and multi-family residential projects from schematic to construction, including strategizing with real estate brokers on speculative development. Since then he has expanded his experience to include mixed-use development and large-scale multi-family residential projects.

Ramiro is known for his ability to connect the dots between big picture thinking and execution. His extensive experience in design, fabrication and on-site construction management has contributed to his ethos of streamlining the process of design and production for maximum economy while maintaining a high standard of design excellence.