Los Angeles, February 15, 2014

Wiscombe's article ''Discreteness or Towards a Flat Ontology of Architecture'' has been published in PROJECT Journal #3.

Consider the orca.
A biologist might tell you that orcas are- like any creature- the product of DNA mutation coupled with natural selection over time- as if that explained everything about the evocative thing right there in front of our eyes. In that worldview- the orca is simultaneously reduced to an outcome of interactions of tiny atomic units and of enormous ecological systems. In a theoretical and popular world obsessed with networks- flows- and processes- it seems like the orca must also be a network or a flow or a process; to a hammer everything looks like a nail. But this denies the specificity and discreetness of the orca: the depth of its slick black rubbery skin- the alien figuration of its white patches- its toy-like scalelessness. Rather than undermining the orca by attempting to justify or generalize it, why not instead embrace its specificity as an object- with all of its mysterious- irreducible character and inclinations?