Governor Steve Sisolak Approves Blockchains City to Form its Own Government

Sparks Nevada, February 8, 2021

It now seems the stars are aligning for Berns’s plans, which, as AN first reported on when the news was announced in November of 2018, would bring a 100-square-mile, ground-up city to the Nevada desert just east of Reno. The overall layout seemingly hasn’t changed since then, with plans for:

“a technology park for the advancement of artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and nanotechnology, all integrated into a blockchain-based system. Vertical manufacturing and workplace hybrid typologies have also been proposed, and from the renderings, it appears that many of the buildings might be clad in dizzying panel arrays that recall circuit boards and harken back to Wiscombe’s previous work.”


New TWA Article in Log 50: Model Behavior

Los Angeles California, Feb 1, 2021

Check out our new article in Log entitled "The Inner Life of Models."

Thanks to Cynthia Davidson for her care and intelligence on Log 50: Model Behavior. Marrikka Trotter and I wrote about the Inner Life of Models. This piece considers the how models suspend reality in terms of scale and how things are put together, provoking us to re-imagine our world.

Hare House Moving Forward

Eden Utah, January 10, 2021

Our new Hare House in Utah has been OK’ed by Planning and is moving forward!

Designed with our “Throw It Down” method, its chunky parts are moved, copied, scaled, or rotated, but never deformed. Glance cutting and mega graphics ties all the parts together. The building’s own shadow creates its landing pad.

The Dark Chalet Wins 2020 AIA Next LA Honor Award

Los Angeles California, October 30, 2020

Last night The Dark Chalet was awarded the 2020 AIA Next LA Honor Award. This is the highest award level in this category.

"This project is unanimously recognized for its aggressive rigor, control over gravity, and materiality, adding grace to complexity. We should all sleep better at night knowing that beneath the nerve-wracking gymnastics, there is an underlying performance rationale. Undeniably, it is a dastardly, indivisible fusion of tectonics and stereotomy. Grotesque yet inexplicably attractive, it is a strange, mesmerizing new realm where familiar associations weirdly unfold and unravel."

Special thanks to our client Tom Buttgenbach, our PM Dylan Weiser, and the whole design team. The project is set for completion in March 2021


OBM HQ Wins 2020 AIA Next LA Merit Award

Los Angeles California, October 30, 2020

Last night our Orange Barrel Media Headquarters project was awarded the 2020 AIA Next LA Merit Award in the Commercial/ Mixed Use category.

"This project exudes great vim, vigor, and intoxicating character. The project adopts a convincing strategy for spacemaking and a commitment to performalism. Everyone who works there will be completely and pleasantly surprised their building is so rationalized beneath the surface."

Special thanks to our client Pete Scantland, and the TWA design team.