Tsinghua Lecture Series, June 22

Mayne Superstudio Review, UCLA Ideas Campus, June 12

SCI-Arc Cinema Series: Rick Carter (Avatar) and Tom Wiscombe in Conversation, February 6


University of Philadelphia Lecture Series, October 30

American Academy in Rome, Rome Prize 2017-18 Design Juror

Mayne Superstudio Review, UCLA Ideas Campus

Cal Poly SLO Lecture, Helms Bakery

"Duel/ Duet: Zizek vs. Harman", SCI-Arc
Organized by Tom Wiscombe
Introduction by Hernan diaz Alonso/ Tom Wiscombe

DRL Final Reviews, Architectural Association


Mayne Superstudio Review, UCLA Ideas Campus

"Aesthetic Activism", Yale University
Organized by Mark Gage
Symposium Speaker with Jacques Ranciere, Elaine Scarry, Michael Speaks, Catherine Ingraham, David Ruy, Ferda Kolatan, Michael Young, Gregory Crewdson, Tim Morton, Graham Harman, Lydia Kallipoliti, Jason Payne, Hernan Diaz Alonso, Rhett Russo, Keller Easterling, Jonathan Massey, Adriane Harrison, Peggy Deamer, Mettrice Gaskins, Diann Bauer, Albena Yaneva, Caroline Picard, Charles Ray, Roger Rothman

AIA LA 2016 Design Awards Juror
With Christopher Hawthorne, Jennifer Marmon, and Linda Pollari

INFONAVIT Social Housing Conference, Mexico City
Symposium Speaker

"Duel/ Duet: Schumacher vs. Wiscombe", SCI-Arc
Introduction by Hernan Diaz Alonso

"Archinect Sessions: 1:1",
Interview by Amelia Taylor-Hochberg

Prix Final Review, Yale University Spring, 2016

Reiser Final Review, Princeton University Spring, 2016

"Objects, Containers, Worlds", Lecture Series, UCLA
UCLA 50th Anniversary Distinguished Alumni Lecture

"Form, Social, and Everything in Between", Symposium, SCI-Arc Mexico
Symposium Speaker
Moderated by Alejandro Hernandez


"NOW“ Symposium, SCI-Arc 
Co-organizer (with Todd Gannon) and Speaker
Moderators: Joe Day, John Enright, Dora Epstein Jones, Marcelyn Gow, David Ruy
Panelists: Benjamin Bratton, Thomas Daniell, Neil Denari, Mark Foster Gage, Eva Franch i Gilabert, Lydia Kallipoliti, Ferda Kolatan, Jimenez Lai, Jennifer Leung, Lucy McRae, Jason Payne, Rhett Russo, Theo Spyropoulos, Liam Young, Michael Young, Andrew Zago, Elena Manferdini, Anna Neimark, Todd Gannon, Tom Wiscombe

"Influences and References", Symposium, UCLA Rumble
Symposium Speaker
Moderated by Neil Denari

"Iconophilia: Spectacular Architecture and Design" Symposium, Macau
Symposium Speaker
Moderated by Thomas Daniells

"9th Progressive Architecture Symposium", Mexico City
Symposium Speaker
Moderated by Ashley Schafer
Panelists: Carme Pinos, Achim Menges, Tom Wiscombe

"Strange Containers", Balmer Lecture Series, OSU


"Speculations on the Real: Graham Harman & the OOO Challenge to Contemporary Architecture", Syracuse/ PennDesign
Symposium Speaker
Moderated by Graham HarmanPanelists: Andrew Atwood, Winka Dubbeldam, Mark Gage, Ferda Kolatan, Anna Neimark, David Ruy, Tom Wiscombe

"Design Aesthetics in the Digital Age", ACADIA, SCI-Arc
Symposium Speaker
Moderated by Greg Otto
Panelists: Marcelyn Gow, Alvin Huang, Roland Snooks, Tom Wiscombe

"Objects, Containers, Worlds", Milan Polytechnic

"Strange Containers", Akron Art Museum

"Strange Containers", Architectural Association- LA

"Strange Containers", New Balance Retreat


"Strange Containers", Calpoly, Pomona Lecture Series

"The Status of Subdivisions“, SCI-Arc Lecture Series

"The Status of Subdivisions“, Florida International University Lecture Series

"Extreme Ideas: Runway“, UCLA
Moderated by Frances Anderton
Panelists: Frances Anderton, Benjamin Bratton, David Lai, Valerie Leblond, Elena Manferdini, Kimberli Meyer, Christian Moeller, Liza Richardson, Paul Petrunia, Casey Reas, Heather Roberge, Bobbye Tigerman, Tom Wiscombe, Andrew Zago

"The Status of Subdivisions“, PennDesign Lecture Series

"Cold War, Cool Digital" Symposium, Pratt
Curated by Catherine Ingraham
Panelists: Pedro Ignacio Alonso, Adrian Forty, James Garrison, Hugo Palmarola Sagredo, Tom Wiscombe

"What is the Nature of Los Angeles", Natural History Museum, LA
Moderated by Berenika Boberska

"The Status of Subdivisions“, Calgary University Lecture Series

"Sculpturalism“, MoCA Panel Discussion
Moderated by Francis Anderton
Panelists: Greg Lynn, Christopher Hawthorne, Tom Wiscombe

"A New Sculpturalism", MoCA Kick-Off Panel Discussion
Moderated by Jeffrey Deitch
Panelists: Neil Denari, Georgina Huljich, Thom Mayne, Eric Moss, Tom Wiscombe


"Composite Thinking", Keynote Lecture, Architectural Association DRL

"Composite Thinking", Yale University Lecture Series

"R(air)ified", USC Conference
Moderated by Warren Techentin
Panelists: Gail Peter Borden, An Te Liu, Philippe Rahm, Marcos Sanchez, Doris Sung, Warren Techentin, Tom Wiscombe


"Material Beyond Materials", SCI-Arc Conference
Moderated by Marcelyn Gow
Panelists: Michelle Addington, Mike Lepech, Tom Wiscombe

"New Urban Ecologies" PUC Puerto Rico Summit
Moderated by Javier de Jesús Martínez
Panelists: Celina Nogueras-Cuevas, Marcelo Spina, Theodore Spyropoulos, Abel Misla-Villalba, Tom Wiscombe

"Composite Thinking", UCLA Lecture Series

"Composite Thinking", UNM- AIA Convention

"Composite Thinking", The Bartlett Lecture Series

"Extreme Integration", Innsbruck University

"Extreme Integration", Texas A&M Lecture Series

"Into the Jungle", SP_ARC Lecture Series


"Into the Jungle", Renssellaer Polytechnic Lecture Series

"Into the Jungle", Milan Polytechnic Master Class

"Into the Jungle", ARCH_IS (AIA)

"Into the Jungle", University of New Mexico Keynote Lecture

"Into the Jungle", University of Virginia (M. Owen Jones Memorial Lecture)

"Extreme Integration", Louisiana Tech University Lecture Series

"Extreme Integration" Architectural Association DRL Keynote Lecture

Roundtable Discussion, PennDesign
Panelists: Cecil Balmond, Ezio Blasetti, Roland Snooks, Winka Dubbeldam, Tom Wiscombe

Roundtable Discussion, ARCH_IS (AIA LA)


"Into the Jungle", Seoul Design Olympiad

"From Insect Nest to Human Architecture" Symposium, Santa Fe Institute
Roundtable Discussion
Panelists: Michael Hansmeyer, Michael Weinstock, Tom Wiscombe

"Extreme Integration", University Of Puerto Rico Lecture Series

Roundtable Discussion, University Of Puerto Rico
Moderated by Abel Misla
Panelists: Carl Chu, Evan Douglas, Bill McDonald, Jenny Sabin, Tom Wiscombe

"Extreme Integration", UTS Sydney Lecture Series

"Structural Ornament", Progressive Architecture Symposium
Panelists: Jason Payne, Paul Preissner

TEC Monterrey Baragon Chair Symposium Lecture

LAXART Book Launch discussion with Hernan Diaz Alonso and Peter Zellner

"Structural Ecologies", The Bartlett Lecture Series

"Structural Ecologies", Carnegie-Mellon University Lecture Series


"Structural Ecologies", SCI_Arc Lecture Series

"Structural Ecologies", McGill University Lecture Series

"Structural Ecologies", ACSA Conference Keynote

"Patterns and Tracery", UTS Sydney Lecture Series

"Patterns and Tracery", Cornell University Lecture Series

"Patterns and Tracery", USC Special Lecture

"Non-linear Systems and Conference", PennDesign
Organized by David Ruy
Panelists: Philippe Baumann, David Ruy, Peter Testa, Ferda Kolatan, Tom Wiscombe

"Interdisciplinary Practice", AIA Conference at PDC


"Exotic Structures", LA Forum at MAK Out There Doing It

"Exotic Structures", Taliesen West Lecture Series

"Conversation with Eric Moss", SCI_Arc Gallery Discussion

"Hammerheads and Dragonflies", University of Colorado Lecture Series

"Hammerheads and Dragonflies", The Mandrake Lecture Series

"Parts and Wholes", Cal Poly SLO Lecture Series


"Schindler Redux with Eric Moss" Symposium, SCI_Arc

"Parts and Wholes", Yale University Lecture Series

"Parts and Wholes", Rice University Lecture Series

"Parts and Wholes", CCA SF Lecture Series


"What is Emergence?", UCLA Lecture Series

"What is Emergence?", Berkeley Art Museum Lecture Series


"Co-evolutionary Thinking", UC Berkeley Lecture Series

Architectural League Young Architects Forum Lecture


"Co-evolutionary Thinking", Columbia University


ArchiLAB Conference, Orleans
Director: Frederic Migayrou
Curator: Marie-Ange Brayer