Greg Otto

Senior Advisor, MMC and Constructability

Educated as architect and engineer, Greg Otto focuses on the massive potential for innovation that deep collaboration between these two fields brings. Not afraid to pioneer, he has been responsible for a broad range of transformations within the building industry over his nearly three-decade career, creating new capabilities, improving productivity, and generating growth at scale.

Working strategically across teams, Greg has creatively deployed his unique depth and breadth of technical knowledge to unlock significant value that is commonly lost in the gaps between discipline silos. His portfolio of work ranges from small pilot projects with significant disruptive potential to large-scale stadia, high rise towers, and airport projects.

In every case, the common denominator is Greg’s commitment to the complete integration of design and engineering. Many of his projects are world renowned and recognized for their beauty, creativity and technical success.

His ability to balance big-picture ideas while being in the details, and to link developing research to economic delivery methods, all while keeping the end goal in target, is a key attribute.

At TWA, Greg specializes in connecting his world-class experience with Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) with the firm’s iconic form-making and radically ecological design vision.