Enclosure Innovations on the West Coast

Facades+, December 3-4, 2020

Tom Wiscombe will be speaking at a web conference for Facades+ regarding digital design and fabrication and complex facade components.

Facades+ is moving online to virtually connect some of the world’s most productive building professionals on the West Coast. From Southern California to the Puget Sound, the American West Coast is home to some of the nation’s leading architects, engineers, and designers. The impact of their work is not only felt across the country, but throughout the four corners of the world. This online conference, co-chaired by Olson Kundig, will highlight work in both the region and afar.

Advances in facade design, especially in the realm of digital design and advanced fabrication, are fundamentally changing how architects work. Notably, firms across the country are increasingly relying on in-house teams to develop custom software and play an integral role in the design-assist of facade components. This panel will feature two panelists presenting their methodologies and it's impact on recent case studies.