Sofia, Bulgaria / 2012


Giant architectural objects like plastic crystals press against and nestle into a seemingly elastic enclosure, producing the overall building massing. The massing itself has three distinct layers: container, sub-skin, and liner. Each layer is articulated differently and with a specific material quality: the outer skin is composite construction in matte-white and features fine-grained white-on-white tattoos and super-joints; the sub-skin is a gloss black composite shell with black metaseams; the interior liner is a tactile surface articulated with embossed patterns of lines and dots. Layers sometimes loosen to create poché space for building circulation or program. Glance-cutting operations-- using a curved knife-- are selectively made though some or all layers to create apertures and patchy surface effects.

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Floor Area: 20,000 SM.
Program: Brand Center
Client: Walltopia, Inc.