“Tom is one of the most inspiring and engaging architects I have ever worked with. His work is beautiful, relentless, and technologically innovative. As a leader in the solar industry, I am particularly impressed with the 364% energy positive solar system that Tom designed for my project -- an audacious achievement perfectly integrated into the architectural form. Tom is also a true leader: attentive and responsive to me as his client and to the other stakeholders involved, and yet always surefootedly committed to the integrity of the design vision and to ensuring its execution in the world without compromise. I consider him to be a world class talent."
- Tom Buttgenbach, Co-founder and CEO of 8Minute Energy Developer of the largest solar fields in the U.S. 6,092,826,119 kWh of solar energy produced to date...and counting.
“I am convinced that Tom is one of the most important young architects working in the United States today. I admire his work for its formal and conceptual inventiveness, but also for its deep-rooted constructability. His design for The Main Museum is premised on the idea of weaving existing historical features together with bold, contemporary architecture, creating an incredible resonance."
- Tom Gilmore, Developer Responsible for the renaissance of downtown Los Angeles, client for the Main Museum.
“Tom brings a sense of playfulness and wonder to what otherwise can be an arduous process of realizing the unconventional in public architecture. From winning the City of West Hollywood's design competition for the Sunset Spectacular Digital Billboard, through his incorporation of advanced construction engineering, evolving digital technologies and new art milieu, and responsiveness to community and client concerns, Tom inspired me with his positive attitude and commitment to partnership in delivering quality design and innovation to the Sunset Strip. I throughly enjoyed working with him and hope I'll have more opportunities to do so in the future. "
- Joanna Hankamer, Director of Planning and Community Development, City of South Pasadena
"Tom Wiscombe's highly original designs command our respect and our fascination. As a theorist, he has also done a great deal to shift architecture away from the Deleuzean deadlock of the previous generation of design authors, and I have profited greatly from his contributions in this area."
- Graham Harman, Philosopher Author of A New Theory of Everything, Immaterialism, and Weird Realism. Named one of the 50 top contemporary philosophers.
“I’ve loved learning from the cornucopian, ecotopian visions of Tom Wiscombe for a long time, and I’m a lot happier for it. He’s the kind of person who makes you know that we’ve got this, and boy do we ever need that as the human-designed stage set collapses around our ecocidal selves. What the world needs now is Tom, Tom Tom."
-Timothy Morton, Ecophilosopher
Author of Hyperobjects, Dark Ecology, and Human Kindness. Named one of the 50 top contemporary philosophers.